Why We Recommend a Client Guide Packet

June 15, 2022

Have you ever struggled with preparing your clients for their engagement session or wedding day and wish you had something concise and beautiful to share that set clear expectations? We know we have!

It can be hard to communicate with clients everything that’s crucial to share, especially when you’re juggling the other aspects of your business but still want to give them the best experience possible. That’s exactly why we created our client guide packets that are totally customizable to you! This packet includes 17 pages of information for your clients about your role in their wedding day and how you plan to capture their special moments, day-of timelines (when to be ready & what to expect throughout the day), what to expect once their big day is complete, other vendors you recommend, and more.

We made it easy so you can upload your branding to the packet once, then customize the small details  to then send to your clients so they feel informed, excited, and taken care of as they begin to work with you. This will save you time in the long run, make you look professional and thoughtful, and your clients will notice the extra touch. 

The client packet is available here and is easy to make yours. We can’t wait to see how much time and headache it saves you and how much your clients appreciate this extra touch.