It’s OK Not to be the Photographer For Everyone

May 3, 2022

Hey – we want to share something with you that you might not be ready to hear – it’s okay to not be the photographer for everyone. In fact, we hope you aren’t the photographer for everyone!

While it’s so normal to wish that everyone likes you and your work, the fact is that if everyone likes your work, you’re probably not being authentic to who you are as a creative and a photographer. If you are truly creating work you love, it won’t be liked by everyone, BUT it will be loved by those clients who are right for you.

If your portfolio only shows the work you think everyone will like, then you’re probably going to be missing out on your ideal clients who truly “get” you and want you to photograph them true to your unique style. That is why we always say to “live and die by your unique POV” – because that is how you really attract the people that will want to work with you and how you will grow as a professional photographer.

We know that setting yourself apart and showing work that really feels like you can be hard and incredibly vulnerable (trust us, we’ve been there too!) But that is also why we know that it is so worth it! If you need help really showcasing the work that matters to you, attracting your ideal client, and getting ok with not being for everyone just shoot us an email – we’d love to chat.