What Should You Be Focusing On – SEO or Social?

June 7, 2022

The simple answer is both, but really you should be focusing on the type of marketing that attracts your ideal client. Your couples may be liking your photos on Instagram, but most couples are going to find you and book you from a Google search. Here’s some ways to improve your SEO, website and social media marketing to attract even more of your ideal clients.

To get people to your website you want to make sure you are optimizing your SEO. We recommend figuring out a primary keyword and some other high-priority keywords and making sure these keywords are included in each page of your website. Take your time finding the right keywords for your website and really think about what people will be searching when they are looking for your services. (You can also use websites like answerthepublic.com to help you.) 

Once people are on your website you want to be able to keep them there in the hopes that they will book with you or reach out to you for more information. For your website, we recommend making an impression on the first page with a big photo of what you’re all about. If you’re focusing on documentary style wedding photography, make sure the first thing that people see is an image that conveys this style of photography. You also want to make sure you have a website that is easy to navigate and call to actions that are easily accessible and seen. (Think, “learn more!”, “book now” or “book a call today!”)

Our last piece of advice is to create content (like blogs) which can be helpful for SEO in keeping your website fresh and updated. Blogs can also be used to link back to social media and create even more social media content. 

Show up where your ideal clients are, create content that is authentic to you, and remember that it is important to focus on SEO, your website, referrals, and relationship marketing just as much as you focus on your social media presence.  If you have any more questions about marketing, SEO, and social media we have a whole module in the course dedicated to this topic!