Portfolio Reviews: A Total Game Changer

May 3, 2022

One of the tools that has been a total game-changer for us as photographers is portfolio reviews. Having our portfolios reviewed by mentors and other trusted photographers who can see what we can’t, is vital. While we think we know the best shots to include and the story that we are telling with our portfolio, it can be incredibly helpful to get another set of eyes on your portfolio.

Why should you consider having a portfolio review?

  • An outsider’s perspective can see things differently 
  • Someone else may have more years in the industry or a different background that can help see what you may be missing
  • They can make sure your portfolio lines up with your mission statement or your vision for your business
  • They can help fine-tune your visual story
  • They can help you see with better clarity what a potential client might see when they look at your portfolio
  • They don’t have an emotional attachment to the photographs and can see them at face value

Tell us in the comments – have you ever had your portfolio reviewed by someone else? Was it helpful?