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“I’ve already implemented what I’ve learned on Module 1 at my last wedding and it was a game changer - the results were incredible. It was such a better experience for me and the couple too. I’m really excited about this new approach I’ll be using.

After only one mentoring session that focused on my SEO, my website traffic increase by four times!

And, before the portfolio review, I needed help with editing consistency and what to show. I knew the kind of weddings I wanted but needed to learn how to market them. After the review, Gina opened my eyes to how to sell your work to elicit more emotions from the viewer. She kept the focus on making an impact on the viewer with just one photo. Before, I did not have a strategy for my portfolio, but now I do. If people resonate with your images, they will more likely book. This is more of a personal thing, but I was surprised at how many times I was told that my photos were amazing and that I was doing the right thing. This is not just a review; Gina really cares about you, and she will do anything in her power to see you succeed, including telling you something you need to hear."

- Jonathan Connolly - Breaking the Pose Alumni & Case Study Program Member


"No matter what skill level you're at, this course is extremely helpful! It's led by talented photographers who sincerely want to support the success of their community. They share examples of their own work to highlight each lesson/module in a way that's digestible and inspiring.

Since taking the Breaking the Pose Masterclass, the reason why I am so drawn to documentary photography has become clearer and clearer: we are capturing life as it truly unfolds, rather than trying to control moments with poses. The resulting photos are so much more true to the client's experience, and it's magic! I signed up for the class in the middle of figuring out my purpose and what my photography brand is all about. What I've learned in this class has been supportive in the clarity behind the message I am marketing with my business, and the leads that are coming my way are aligned with the kind of photography that is true to me.

I loved looking at examples to apply each lesson. The teachings weren't too dense, the amount of information was just right. Made it very digestible. It was also nice to have the transcript as well.

Prior to this course, I just didn't know that much about documentary photography as it pertained to weddings. What has become clear to me is that it's all about the art of letting go, the art of allowing, and the practice of staying, lingering.

Before the Portfolio Review, I didn't know how to keep my editing consistent across all the photographs I was putting on my website. Gina and I went through the photographs that we’re most in line with my messaging, and she provided really great feedback and tips on editing to make the photos "pop" more, and to keep my website looking consistent. One problem I had was that I wasn't sure about the quality of my work. It was nice to have an outside pair of eyes critique not only my portfolio but galleries as well. What surprised me the most was the positive feedback on certain photos I felt weren't "good", only because of being boxed in by the should and supposed to's of the wedding photography industry. I was pleasantly surprised by how much the portfolio review helped me hone in on my own style and break out of the box."

- Mary Le Gassick- Breaking the Pose Alumni and Case Study Program Member

Maryland, usa

"Before the portfolio review, I was struggling to have a clear direction on how to showcase my work to clients as a documentary photographer. I now understand how to present my work and identified what I need to enhance my portfolio further. What surprised me the most about the portfolio review is the in-depth breakdown on why certain images are stronger and understanding why they were arranged in a specific order.”

- Wornden Ly - Breaking the Pose Alumni and Case Study Program Member


"I was lost about my approach to conversions on my website and was afraid my portfolio, as it stood today, was attracting the wrong clients. Chatting with Gina made several things clear about what impressions the portfolio was making on prospective brides. Gina was great at really understanding the message I was trying to impart to my clients and the review left me with several actionable changes I could make immediately to start seeing results!"

- Arsheen Reza - First Impression Portfolio Review Recipient


"I jumped at the chance when I saw this course! Documentary wedding photography is the niche I have been looking for, what I really want to do with my photography business. I enjoy photographing real moments and genuine emotion, and of course, weddings are full of those things! I felt like almost all of the topics listed for the course were going to be helpful to me. With an already established business, what I really needed was to focus on "niching down,” and really creating a focus for my business. This course had so many good components for helping me do just that. Although I already had a lot of experience as a photographer, the photography collection was still valuable. I liked the idea of finding the little mini stories within the bigger story, something I wasn’t yet doing at weddings. Also, the reminder that personal projects are an important component of my growth was insightful and helpful in formulating my path going forward.

I have been struggling with the decision to make my business solely documentary-style photography. I have been doing lifestyle for years, so it’s hard to shift gears. But after taking this class, I feel convinced that I now need to make a go of it. I think I’ve been struggling with the idea that this is a genre that clients will seek out, that it is valued and valuable and that I will be able to find clients who feel my work resonates with them. The Client Connection really gave me good ideas for how to approach selling my services and made me much confident showing my value. I have been struggling with honing my message and this class really furthered that by helping me build a mission statement and form a strong portfolio. I learned that I need to educate my clients about what it is I do and how I do it, much more than I am. Messaging is my number one priority now because I realized I don’t have enough of it. I loved the suggestion that it might need to be toned down a bit from photographer-speak as well. I particularly liked the action steps that ended each module and the tools to make your connections with clients more personable.

After taking the class, I feel confident that I am on my way, confident that I have finally decided on my direction and definitive things to implement. I refer to the bonus material often, in particular the email templates and the pricing tools. Gina and Angie were both super helpful and available — their thoughts and ideas were invaluable, and I always felt supported. The class covers everything you need to know to get your storytelling wedding photography business where you want it to be!”

- Loren Haar - Case Study Member

amesterdam, netherlands

"I saw the course in a very vulnerable moment in my life. I moved to a new country after being 8 years Wedding Photographer in my origin country. Start again is scary, but even more when after two months of starting with business registration the world stopped. No clients, no connections, zero possibilities to make it work. That goes beyond frustration and started losing confidence and consistency. Then is when I saw the course announcement. I wasn't looking for one, it arrived at me at the perfect moment, and knew almost instantly that was the one that I needed.

My best take from it is to be true to yourself, what you love to do, and what you want to show. Sometimes we are very influenced by what we see on socials, and it takes us out of our focus. The course made me think about what is important for me, and that is why I am very proud of my first wedding after the course. It helped me become more vulnerable, learn about communication, and speak to my clients in a more precise way.

Finally, I must mention the section about knowing your client, so many takes on identifying the right and the wrong one, I know it can be somehow controversial, but I believe stating boundaries is essential, and the course makes very good points in setting them and examples, but also the Facebook group and the group meetings helped us learn from other's experiences. I will not say it was easy to break my patterns, it took me a long time to complete the course, but only because it makes you think, implement, practice, and change all your tools while you go over the material. The guidance is flawless, thank you, Angie & Gina, I felt your support the entire time, you are awesome!"

- Joanna Pantigoso - Case Study Member

bengaluru, india

”The modules are short, crisp and to the point. The examples they brought in are very realistic and ones you run into every day. It’s very different than other courses on the market because of the personal touches and discussions that are really, really helpful. I have applied what I’ve learned during just the modules and it’s helping me convert more clients. I’m sure you will find many surprises too and I strongly recommend it. It’s the best on the market.”

Hear more from Sagarneel in his video testimonial to the left.

- Sagarneel Biswas - Case Study Member

Documentary wedding photography student at Revealing the Narrative

Beth Packer


"I sought out this course because I was just learning the basics of going into business and was curious how to go from the person everyone calls for free pictures to someone who could make a living! I'm so glad I reached out! I had no idea what to begin with and kept thinking, there is so much to do so I will do nothing. When I heard them on The Beginner Photography Podcast with Raymond Hatfield, I knew that these were my people. Telling a story through pictures while being authentically yourself -- what a dream career they are helping us to build. My eyes opened when I heard Gina and Angie talk about connection and being yourself. I realized that I was trying to be someone that I am not by posing and doing all of the formal things that everyone else is doing.

I loved every week. There was something new to learn about storytelling, choosing the right client, workflow, pricing, and marketing/selling - you girls thought of EVERY detail! I liked the way that the course was self-paced -- I could learn the content during the week when I had time. But at the same time, there were gentle deadlines where we checked in on our goals for the week. This was a perfect balance for me -- low stress but gentle nudges to get stuff done! It was so easy talking about where I was in my business during the group discussions, which was right at the beginning. No matter which stage we were at in our journey, Gina and Angie worked to make it apply to each of us. The format of the class, the access to them on Facebook, and the discussions led by our needs were all very focused on our time. Gina had many tips about how to get more experience, which is where I am in my journey. Now I have the tools to continue to grow my business! You girls are amazing and I feel so lucky to have been part of the group!! Thank you, thank you!”

- Beth Packer - Case Study Member


"Revealing the Narrative gave me the confidence and tools to restructure my packages and raise my prices. I have already seen the benefit of that this year! I’m only half way through the season and have already made more money than I did in all of 2021!

This course is an amazing resource for photographers at all stages of their careers. The way the course is broken down into easily digestible lessons and actionable items to implement in my business made it easy to fit into a hectic wedding season schedule. After a decade of shooting weddings, much of my work was produced while moving on auto-pilot. After participating in the course, I found myself slowing down, being more present while shooting, and pushing myself to think more deeply about the images that I am making. I’m excited about my work moving forward in a way that I haven’t felt in a long time.

Gina and Angie are knowledgeable, approachable, and they break down the material in a conversational way that makes listening to them feel like talking shop with friends. The feedback and support that I received in real time during our group chats was invaluable. I would absolutely recommend investing in Revealing the Narrative to any photographer who’s business needs a refresh, or who wants to take a more authentic moment-driven approach to their work."

- Jen Joubert - Case Study Member

ontario, canada

"Gina and Angie are calling this a course, but really, Revealing the Narrative is an experience.  An educational, supportive, positive, transformational experience.  Angie and Gina manage to convey a lot of information in very accessible and easy to manage units that guide you through not only adopting or strengthening a moment based approach to photographing weddings, but also structuring your entire business around this approach.  What absolutely makes the difference, however, is the time we spent applying the information.  Gina and Angie had incredible coaching sessions and were so active in our private group -  answering questions, leading discussions, suggesting exercises to help us complete the work, and giving feedback.  Our group had a huge range of experience from beginners to pros and Angie and Gina not only got to know each of us, but met us where we were, personalizing their suggestions so that they were specific to each person’s situation.  I felt seen, heard and supported every step of the way, and I am so grateful I had the opportunity to work with both of these incredible women!"

- Jordan Lyall - Case Study Member

Rhode Island, usa

"Each module is specially crafted to help you through the process of becoming and improving your wedding photography business.  So much useful information, that I will certainly be going back and rewatching to refresh and discover new things I might have missed! Perfect for beginners and advanced professionals. My favorite part of the course was watching Gina and Angie discuss each module together which seemed like you were right there joining them via computer! The facebook group was a great way to connect with others, bounce ideas off each other, and have some accountability.  Gina and Angie did an amazing job putting together all the pieces from their own experiences and were extremely helpful in making sure you had your questions answered!"

- Ashley Andries - Case Study Member


"I can’t thank you enough for sharing EVERYTHING you know about how to run a successful wedding photography business. This is the only course I know of that is made specifically for documentary wedding photographers that covers both the ‘photography’ and the ‘business’ (and so much more!)

Every single one of these modules contains SO MUCH useful information - I will definitely be watching them over and over again, because I am sure I will discover something new each time.

Also, it’s really nice to know I’m not the only one who struggles with self-doubt! You have some great advice for how to cope. Thank you again!"

- Sharon Reiley - Full Course Member

New South Wales, AUSTRALIA

"I’m new to the photography industry in a professional sense so I was looking for guidance on how to set up a business and general photography tips. I was struggling with where to start and a lack of confidence, particularly about what to charge. I needed some guidance on how to set myself up and when you are working on your own you don’t have many people to bounce things off. The techniques for following and predicting the moment were eyeopening for me and the course help clarify all the business stuff I was struggling with like workflow and pricing. The checklist with actionable steps has been VERY useful too.

I’ve already used all the guidance about making my clients feel comfortable and not ‘staging’ shots unless they really just wanted one or two. I feel very confident that once I finish setting everything up I will have a nice rounded business model and I can focus on just being myself and having fun with my clients. I think the way I portray myself will in turn help me get the fun clients I want to work with. Gina and Angie are so nice and you can feel their loveliness in the way the communicate.”

- Ainslie McNamara - Case Study Member