Do I Need a Client Guide?

August 24, 2022

The biggest thing you didn’t know your business was missing… 

A Client Guide! What?? Is that a thing? 


There were so many things that we wanted to tell clients, little tips like – giant centerpieces in front of your face make it hard to photograph you. Leaving that giant mic stand out of the ceremony looks way better. Standing outside of the arbor instead of inside with dabbled light can improve their images. Or more significant items like encouraging clients to have engagement sessions at places that are meaningful and foster natural interaction. And having a document that explains your delivery and timeline.

Want an easy way to work that into the conversation? Now you can, with our Post Booking Client Packet. After the client books, send over the guide and give them all the helpful information, before they make some important decisions. 

We created this guide to not only give information but help make our lives and their wedding day easier and more enjoyable. We found that clients had what they needed to make better decisions about their day for timing, lighting, interaction and most importantly, how they want to spend it. It explains the documentary approach, helps set expectations and eases communication. This all ensures we have the best wedding days possible. And its 100% customizable in CANVA so you can add your images and change what you need to!

Here’s to improved client relationships, more enjoyable wedding day and elevated images!!

We talk way more about creating client relationships with wonderful communication and trust more in the course. If this feels like something you’re struggling with, shoot us an email – we’d love to chat more.