Stepping Out of Your Comfortzone – How to Shoot for Yourself

May 3, 2022

Autopilot is inevitable. It’s our safe space and where we go whenever we start shooting, it’s where we are comfortable. There is nothing wrong with that. It’s the beginning of wedding seasons and it’s good to start thinking about creating work that excites you. There are times within the wedding day that allow for even more opportunities to embrace that creative freedom. Use that time to lean into that uncomfortable space which can help push you. 

If it’s your second shooting, you have the majority of the day to experiment. The main photographer has everything covered and you can look for the extra in those moments. Use your opportunity.

As the main photographer, go beyond those safe shots and create something that excites you. Where is it you want to push yourself? If you typically shoot close, then back up and think about the space and the scene. If you shoot the scene a lot then move in close and get that emotion. Do you forget to photograph your transitions? Do you want to work with a harsher light or to embrace a darker scene? 

The getting ready portion of the day has many opportunities to experiment. Consider the lighting in the room and how to look for an opportunity to use that. It’s a good time to try something new, maybe isolating the subject, or maybe under exposing and focusing on details in the scene (hands, material, textures etc). Cocktail hour is an excellent place to shoot through guests, wait longer for expressions and interactions and watch the scene. Speeches and toasts also are a great opportunity to create images you may not have tried before. There are reactions and scenes to work through. Show the space, look at interactions, and sit in the moment longer. 

Focus on creating work that will thrill you. That uncomfortable space will start to feel more natural when you sit with it. Live on the edge, make a game out of it and enjoy. It will help you create some of the best work you’ve ever done and your clients will agree.