Revealing the Narrative Lightroom Presets



Download, Import and Get Started!

Click on the button to the right to download your Revealing the Narrative Lightroom Presets. You'll find a folder, that when opened, will contain four presets optimized for indoors and outdoors in both black and white and color. Simply open Lightroom, choose 'file', click on 'import profiles and presets', select the presets, click import, restart Lightroom and you're ready to get started! We encourage you to make your own tweaks to these beautiful, vibrant and timeless presets to enhance the specifics of your camera. And as always, we are here if you have any questions.


Meet Your Instructors

We’re Gina & Angie, two award-winning photographers with decades of experience and hundreds of happy clients.

The idea for this course came from a late-night conversation around Angie’s kitchen table, where we found ourselves reflecting on our careers, all the things we had learned… and all the things we wished we had learned sooner. And the more we talked, the more compelled we felt to share this information with other passionate photographers, to help them find their footing as entrepreneurs and create a sustainable career that’s full of creativity and free of burnout.

This course will change your notion of what wedding photography can be, as an art and as a profession. We’ll help you swap out the cookie cutter standards in favor of real, authentic moments. By the end, you’ll be more than just a skilled photographer; you’ll be a visual storyteller, which will not only elevate your art, but grow your business. And how can we be so sure? Because that’s exactly what it did for us.

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