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"Revealing the Narrative gave me the confidence and tools to restructure my packages and raise my prices. I have already seen the benefit of that this year! I'm only half way through the season and have already made more money than I did in all of last year!"

Jen Joubert

RTN Student - 2022

Jordan Lyall

"Gina and Angie are calling this a course, but really, Revealing the Narrative is an experience.  An educational, supportive, positive, transformational experience.  Angie and Gina manage to convey a lot of information in very accessible and easy to manage units that guide you through not only adopting or strengthening a moment based approach to photographing weddings, but also structuring your entire business around this approach. I felt seen, heard and supported every step of the way, and I am so grateful I had the opportunity to work with both of these incredible women!"."

RTN Student - 2022

Documentary wedding photography student at Revealing the Narrative

"There was something new to learn about storytelling, choosing the right client, workflow, pricing, and marketing/selling - you girls thought of EVERY detail! I liked the way that the course was self-paced -- I could learn the content during the week when I had time. But at the same time, there were gentle deadlines where we checked in on our goals for the week. This was a perfect balance for me -- low stress but gentle nudges to get stuff done!"

Beth Packer

RTN Student - 2021

"Gina and Angie helped me restructure my pricing and gave me a blueprint for my calls. I now have 5x more bookings, with clients I love, at over double the cost!"

Liz Friar

RTN Student - 2022

"Life, as it unfolds in front of the camera, is full of so much complexity, wonder and surprise that I find it unnecessary to create new realities. There is more pleasure, for me, in things as-they-are."

- David Hurn