How We Achieve Work/Life Balance

July 15, 2022

While “balance” is this newly trendy word that is almost impossible to achieve, it is still this thing we are all striving for – especially the balance between our work life and our home/social life. Navigating client work, time with friends, investing in our craft, being parents, and growing our business is a LOT – but our dedication to a life we love is what keeps us committed to finding that sweet spot that leaves us satisfied and not overwhelmed.

As photographers and educators, some of our job is social, fun and creative, but we also have the hours that we have to slave away at our desk working on editing, running the course, and other tasks that require our attention. And to top it all off we are both moms, and that feels like its own separate job that requires a lot of our attention! So how do we try to find work/life balance and what does that look like for us?

We have created excellent boundaries. This was a very hard task, but we have seen how beneficial having strong boundaries has been in our lives. When we are working, we are working –  and when we are with our friends or family or spending time just tending to ourselves, then work isn’t happening. This allows us to be efficient when we are working and present to ourselves and the people in our lives when we aren’t working.

We’ve created systems so that we can be organized. When we know what needs to be done, by what date, and what our priorities are, we can just get to the tasks on our lists right away. 

We outsource when we can! We know that doing every single thing in our business isn’t going to be the most efficient and it won’t help us grow, so we outsource for the things that make sense. This allows us to do the parts of our jobs that only we can do and that we love to do as well. 

We talk way more about boundaries, outsourcing, efficiency, productivity and more in the course. If this feels like something you’re struggling with, we totally get it and want to help. Shoot us an email – we’d love to chat more.

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